Best Restaurants in Singapore Worth Exploring

Some of the best Restaurants in Singapore, worth exploring, are the ones that no one will tell you about, unless, they have been there. Therefore, I have crafted a list of 5 such stunning restaurants that changed my perspective about food. From iron-table mealtime togetherness, to get to create your own, ramen noodle, Singapore is a melting pot of endless culinary opportunities. Also, Singapore is the territory of Michelin star restaurants with at least one or two at each corner. By all means, if you have enough to splurge on a meal, take a trip to these lavish ‘Michelin-star’ restaurants that will make your day pleasingly memorable.

1. Bistro by Mark Best (Costs SGD 300 or INR 15000 for Two) 

Dining at Bistro By Mark Best, a Celebrity Chef Restaurant

2. Umi Uma Teppanyaki (Costs SGD 300 or INR 15000 for Two) 

A Cultural Trip to the Iron Plate Tables at Umi Uma Teppanyaki

3. Silk Road Cabaret Dining (Costs SGD 200 or INR 10000 for Two) 

Best 5-Course Meal at Silk Road on Genting Dream

4. Ippudo Ramen, Marina Bay Sands (Costs SGD 75 or INR 3750 for Two) 

Create your own Ramen at Ippudo Singapore

5. 328 Katong Laksa (Costs SGD 50 or INR 2500 for Two) 

Brunching at Michelin Star 328 Katong Laksa

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