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TCK Indore Breakfast
Inside Top 5 Indore Restaurants

Indore is a beautiful 16th-century city that was once, reigned by the royalties of the Maratha empire. On that account, the city still fortifies its sophisticated dining and unique culinary culture. Thomas Hardy, rightly said, “Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by the change.” In reality, Indore’s urban transformation of an ancient medieval city is one such example. Developing into a smarter city, day by day, Indore is slowly and gradually picking up on service-oriented hospitality. With of-course 5-star hotels reviving royal recipes enveloped in thousand years of heritage, to low on spices, healthy continental. Here, have a look at Top 5 Indore Restaurants evincing, intricate culinary traditions of Indore.

The 5 Best Restaurants in Indore, India

Indore Marriott Private Dining Area

Luxury dining has been Indore’s forte ever since the times of Bajirao Peshwa. Preceding, by the rich food cooked for Maratha Holkars, the last rulers of the city. In fact, even today, Indore sustains its cultural values and culinary legacies. Drawing inspiration from the bygone royal recipes, few luxury restaurants in Indore, are recreating traditional favourites, with a modern twist. Other than the Indian “Pièce De Résistance,” these diners also feature the best of international flavours. Whether you are travelling to Indore, for business or leisure, these restaurants should top your “where-to-eat” bucket list. Bon Appetit indeed!

1. Indore Kitchen, Marriott Indore

Indore Kitchen Desserts F Brunch

Marriott’s Indore Kitchen goes beyond a generalised “All-Day” Buffet with an interesting variety of dishes. In a conversation with Executive Chef Vivek Kalia, we found out why he prefers organic ingredients over the imported ones. He says, ‘we go out of our way to source local ingredients from the organic farms so that we could plan menus to serve the taste.’ In fact, before the launch of Indore Kitchen, Chef Kalia scoured every lane, in search of bygone recipes and local palate.

As a result, today, even the minutest dish on the menu traces its roots back to a decade old recipe. From traditional 100-year old Indori pickles to 15th-century “Lamb Saffron Parda Biryani,” IK will have your taste buds trace Maratha to Mughal royalty in a matter of few hours. As well, to make Sunday’s special, try Indore Kitchen’s F Brunch, a fun frolic feast over town’s most creative cocktails.

Budget: INR 4000 for Two (with Alcohol)


Sunday F Brunch at Marriott’s Indore Kitchen

2. Indiya Oye, Radisson Blu Indore

Indiya Oye Royal Recipes

Notably, the temptation of eating imperial delicacies, like the Maharajas, is what we all wish upon. Bhuna Gosht Ka Sev, Kundan Kaliyan, Murgh Sweta, Murgh Patiala, and Triveni Khumb Ki Gujiya, are the names that once spread their eminent aroma in the royal kitchens. Even though most of these royal recipes are losing vitality, Executive Chef Mukul Jha has been consistently dishing out rustic royal delicacies. Sharing insights into the royal cuisine, he says, “Cooking techniques play a significant role in setting forth the right taste to this cuisine.”

Budget: INR 3500 for Two (with Alcohol)

3. One Asia, Marriott Indore

Indore Kitchen Nilgiri Sushi

Markedly, Marriott’s new venture, One Asia, is one-of-the-best diners in the city featuring a delicious fusion, of Asian cuisines. From Japanese to Indonesian, One Asia is churning out bold flavours, with distinct presentation and a touch of class. Indeed, the unique Black Crystal Dumplings, Indonesian Jumbo Prawns, and Guotie potstickers, with a wheat-based wrapper, are the best dishes to order. In desserts, try the Filipino Yema Balls, a type of custard candy with sesame seeds coating. It will take quite a few visits for you, to be able to, explore all the authentic Asian adventures, One Asia, has in store for all.

Budget: INR 3500 for Two (with Alcohol)

One Asia, a Goldmine of Authentic Asian Flavours in Indore

4. Ni Hao, Radisson Blu Indore

Ni Hao Lamb Tempura Sushi

Ni Hao, is a greeting, while also a Chinese restaurant in Indore serving authentic and traditional cuisine. This elegant Chinese restaurant teams distinctive Chinese ingredients to create a festival of flavours. The hardy Hoisin Duck Spring rolls, add a tangy flavour to deep-fried spools making them surprisingly delicious. Equally appealing are Shanghai Prawn Siumai, Smoked Salmon Sushi, and Oriental Lamb Dimsums, with unique texture and taste. With a variety of inspired flavours, notable dishes in Ni Hao, truly stand out from the rest.

Budget: INR 3500 for Two (with Alcohol)

5. KYRO, All Day Dining

Grilled Chimichurri Fish

KYRO, is one-of-the-few Desi restaurants, in South Indore, offering a contemporary take on the traditional Indori cuisine. Situated in Bhawarkuan, this two-storey rooftop restaurant transforms into a glamorous club over the weekends. From Grilled Chimichurri Fish, Lemon Grass Chicken, Kasturi Kebab with Egg Crust, Jaituni Paneer Tikka, Mutton Dhori Kebab, Malai Broccoli, to Roti Pe Boti, each hors-d’oeuvre designed to fit a perfect Indori cocktail party. Try their desi cocktail “Chilli Murugan,” and you will know what I mean. 

Budget: INR 3500 for Two (with Alcohol)

The Elaborated Tasting Tour of Kyro Indore

6. The Creative Kitchen, Radisson Blu

NZ Herb crusted Lam Rack with Truffle and Parmesan Mash

Comfort Food outside Indore Restaurants

Indiya Oye Radisson Blu Indore

Equally important, signature appetisers of Indore are Poha-Jalebi, Bhutte ki Kees, and a Johnny Hot Dog. The sweet and spicy Poha-Jalebi is the most famed breakfast dish in Indore. While Poha is served, with spicy Sev, the crunchy succulent jalebi adds a sweet texture to the spicy flavour. Similarly, Bhutte Ka Kees is a mashed corn savoury fried in ghee, with coconut and spices like Heeng, Jeera, and Besan. Also, Indore has this ‘Johnny Hot Dog’ store that has been selling traditional burgers for decades. From Double Omelette Banjo to a Mutton Hot Dog, get your taste buds to sample the spiciest burgers in town. (served with onions, green chutney, tomato ketchup, and a little love) In other words, this place is almost the “Bade Miya” of Mumbai.

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