Bergen Airport Experience at Flesland in Norway

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The Bergen course to Oslo Airport “Gardermoen” is among the busiest in Europe. Though, getting a flight to a Norwegian area is an exciting opportunity! I couldn’t quit appreciating the beautiful view of confined islands, vibrant homes and crystal clear waters. Arrive at the wonderful Bergen aeroplane terminal, which is a craftsmanship display in itself. For sure it was a joy, to observe terminal’s wonderful interiors. The mesmerising flooring and the dazzling divider sketches had me. Coincidentally, KODE represents the craftsmanship historical centres of Bergen. The exquisite workmanship interiors will leave you awestruck for the underlying few minutes. Then again, the passenger kiosk will catch up and you continue moving along the group.

Bergen Airport Terminal

The terminal is faintly lit yet splendidly brightened with artwork. In spite of the fact, that I feel that the terminal has reached its ability for concurrent passengers. The security check-in, arrival hall and baggage handling have exceptionally constrained space. On the other hand, on the brighter side, all withdrawing residential travellers on worldwide flights go through the tax-free zone. Just those with a perfume sensitivity can guarantee a special case and use the thin hall which sidesteps the duty-free.

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Bergen Airport Arrival

Bergen Airport is the Second Busiest in Norway

This airport is the second busiest in Norway, with an annual traffic of 7 million passengers. Equally important, is that SAS, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Wider are the largest airlines operating at the airport. Bergen Airport is expecting a new terminal in 2017, so is the Bergen Light Rail. In fact, the current terminal is facilitated by 11 terminal gates. All these gates have jet bridges numbered 21 through 32.

Moreover, jet bridges 21 and 22 are solely used for international traffic! 23 – 27 are used for either and 28 – 32 are used only for domestic traffic. Likewise, Gate 21 and 23 are used for both Schengen and non-Schengen flights, while Gate 22 is solely used for non-Schengen. The Bergen Airport Express Bus departs every 15 minutes on weekdays, making the trip to downtown in 30 minutes. In addition, Taxi is conveniently available opposite the airport’s main entrance.

Shopping Nirvana at Bergen Airport

The duty-free store offers leading brands, at attractive prices! We are talking perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, apparels, clothing, tobacco, chocolates and more. Fashion lovers should explore ARG Fashion, a store that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men and women from high profiled brands. If Books float your boat, then ‘Tanum’ Bookstore is your go to place. 

In addition, you have Narvesen Kiosk to satisfy your reading appetite. They offer a great variety of magazines, newspapers and paperbacks. When you walk into the main lobby, you will find self-help ‘Money exchange’ machines on your right. On your left, will be the restaurants and a general store where you can buy flowers, candies, mints and more.

Address: Flyplassvegen 555, 5258 Bergen, Norway | Phone: +4767031555 | Owner: Avinor 

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