Romancing through Bergen’s Cultural Journey

Mount Floyen Bergen View

Bergen is pretty much the little Italy of Scandinavia! And, we are saying so after duly verifying the architectural and mountainous similarities between the two. Decorated by the snow-clad Alpine range, both these destinations have an iconic resemblance to each other except; that Bergen was found, in the 10th-century while, Italy in the fourteenth century. Our first trip to Bergen was all about getting awestruck by the ‘magnanimity’ of its seven surrounding mountains and the transpicuous quay embracing the real-world shadows. It was almost hard to tell which one was real!

Bryggen Wharf Bergen

Add to that the rippling effect of ‘antiquated’ wooden houses, and there you have a picture-perfect postcard, only for your eyes. The reflections only get more intense as the night draws in, bringing in a beaming-radiation of majestic colors. Immersed, in messianic antiquity, Bergen’s cultural heritage and UNESCO sites are a delight to visit. No matter what time of the day! From incredible art galleries, museums, Diners, to phenomenal seascapes, everything about Bjørgvin (Norse name of Bergen) is a sweet Hanseatic dream.

Bryggen in Bergen

And it all begins at the bay of Vågen, the oldest area of Bergen near the city center. In fact, the 12th-century St Mary’s Church in this locality is one of the oldest buildings of Bergen. 

Bergen Trolls

All along our leisurely stroll at the ‘primeval’ streets of Bergen, we spotted Dwarf-y Troll statues. Which, pursued us to ask one of the bar owners about the significance of Trolls in this region.  We learned that all through Norway’s Greenwood history, Trolls have been residing in the hilltop caves, with no direct communication with humans. However, the statues primarily symbolize the importance of Trolls in folklore and Norse mythology. Adorable, don’t you think? We think it’s a great touch of art to the Hanseatic perspective we have been building.

Bergen Restaurants

That along, with the long succession of restaurants and bars! Because wherever we walked, we were always close to a restaurant. In Bergen, whenever you feel a little lost, just walk into one-of-those-snug Diners, get yourself a drink and relocate yourself on the Google maps. Already, been here? If yes, then we would love to hear about your favorite restaurants, landmarks, or the souvenir stories.

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