5 Best Things To Do in Belgium

We happened to drop by in Belgium during our short Brussels trip. And for the first time experience, we found Belgium to be a compact, multilingual, and multicultural nation in the heart of Western Europe. A country that showcases medieval, and contemporary styles of architecture through its belfry’s, castles, modern art museums, cafes, and shopping outlets. Other than that, Belgium also has on display, the most-scenic small towns of Europe enveloped in beautiful fairytale stories. From culinary art to a piquant culture, here’s a rundown of 5 best things to experience in Belgium. 

1. Explore the Neoclassical Architecture in Belgium

What we love about Belgium is that it exhibits néoclassique architectural designs from before the 18th-century era when it was reigned by, Austrians, French and Dutch rulers. Although you need to saunter through, WWII sites, museums, and memorials to understand the implications of World War II on Belgium. The perfect places to silently mourn over the brutal conflicts of the medieval-modern history. Moreover, these landmarks inspired by neoclassical movement offer a glimpse into the mid-18th-century architectural style, featuring the Vitruvian principles and the classical antiquity in its purest form.

2. Discover Belgium’s Modern Architecture

Throughout our trip to Belgium, we crossed many modern architectural wonders that we couldn’t stop admiring. Most of these architectural designs are substantial complex models representing European heritage at its best. Take, for example, the Art Nouveau in Brussels, Liège-Guillemins railway station, Antwerp’s Palace of Justice, or Ghent’s Pavilion perched alongside decade old buildings.

3. Savor Culinary Adventures in Belgium

In Belgium, indulge in the exceptional range of local specialties ranging from strawberry chocolate waffles, crunchy frites, hot steaming mussels, to the famous bubbly beer. For those who may be unaware, Belgian breweries are world-famous for brewing fresh beer and ales, by traditional methods. Amongst all Belgian cities, Luxembourg is where you will find the maximum number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

4. Belgian Shopping Escapades

Shopaholics must target Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium to satisfy their need of shopping. From futuristic fashion designs to discounted diamonds, these locations have the best of best on display. Although, unexpected Chocolate, rare beer, Cigars, Candy, and Vintage designs are what makes the nation’s most prized shopping jewels. Also, the art and the paintings, something that represents the Western European heritage by large.

5. Visit Atomium, Europe’s Most Bizzare Building

Atomium Brussels From Distance

We had added Atomium to our travel bucket list, in 2013, after CNN had named it as Europe’s most bizarre building. When we arrived here in 2016, we were almost awestruck by Atomium’s weird yet attractive design. Now a museum, this monument was originally built in the early nineteenth century to mark the Brussels World’s Fair. What makes this 335 ft tall, stainless steel monument, unique is that its nine spheres are interconnected to showcase iron atoms magnified 165 billion times. The museum is enclosed within the monument space and contains escalators, stairs, as lifts to allow easy access to all spheres. The topmost-sphere is the most interesting one as it features a panoramic restaurant with the best views of Brussels.

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  1. Belgium offers a similar culture to what Amsterdam is all about. A very quiet and peaceful city though. Do see this movie called “In Bruges” ( was shot extensively here). Did you have the Ralph braun and godiva chocolates?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karthik 🙂 You are right about the similarity..and yes, I look forward to watch “In Bruges” 🙂 and I love GoDiva chocolates, although I am yet to try the Ralph Braun 🙂

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