Belgium Guide for the First Time Travellers

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Most tourists pass through Belgium while they are visiting Bruges or Brussels. (In our case, it was Brussels) Belgium, is a compact, multi lingual nation in the heart of the Western Europe. In Belgium, you will notice a classic example of medieval and contemporary styles through its belfry’s, castles, modern art museums, cafes and shopping outlets. This nation houses the most scenic small towns in Europe, the ones that take you back to Disney’s fairy tales. Each of these picturesque towns has a beautiful story to unfold with its much-adorned history and culture.

Additionally, this country offers the best comfort food in Europe, varying from strawberry chocolate waffles, frites and hot steaming mussels, to go with the nation’s famous bubbly beer. Also, before you arrive in Belgium, make sure to learn a few French, Dutch or German phrases, as it could get complicated trying to communicate with people. Most restaurants, stores, malls, cafes and bars employ staff that speak broken English, however, a few phrases in the local language will really help you connect with the locals. 

Interesting Places to visit in Belgium

Belgium is a nation that presents distinct contrasts, which also makes it an interesting place to visit. In this country, you can explore the historic art cities, ancient castles, medieval belfry’s, step-gabled houses, market squares, museums and stunning urban canals to get a real feel of this country. The interconnected Belgian cities are easily accessible by public transport. 

  • The capital, Brussels, is the de facto centre of European politics, that flaunts a cosmopolitan mix of cultures. 
  • The rural district of Wallonia exhibits impressive caves, castles and bucolic valleys.
  • Luxembourg, the sophisticated Belgian capital, is enveloped by ravishing castles and hill villages. In general, Belgium has 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, because, the 32 belfry’s count as one site.

Belgium’s cities bear the scars of centuries of invasion, conquest, and resilience. WWII sites, museums and memorials specifically draw visitors, for us to understand, and mourn over the brutal conflicts of the modern history. On the other hand, Tomorrowland music festival has become a worldwide phenomenon lately, with its ruling festival landscape and spirit. In fact, in July and August, you can choose between 3 different festivals to attend every weekend. Also, don’t expect tropical temperatures in Belgium, however, it can unpredictably rain, therefore, always carry umbrella or rain jacket. 

What to eat and drink in Belgium

Belgians serve an exceptional range of specialities! That includes world’s most delicious Belgian chocolate, strawberry waffles, succulent mussels, crispy frites and frothy beer. This small little country, also known as the capital of Europe, comes with a whole lot of culture, chocolates and Spas. While you are here, do indulge in their wide selection of waffles, chocolate seafood and the fruit beer. 

Above all, Belgian breweries are world-famous for making fresh beer and ales by traditional methods. Identically, Luxembourg, is home to World’s highest number of Michelin restaurants, offering the parochial Moselle bubbly.

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  1. Belgium offers a similar culture to what Amsterdam is all about. A very quiet and peaceful city though. Do see this movie called “In Bruges” ( was shot extensively here). Did you have the Ralph braun and godiva chocolates?

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