Top 5 Reasons to Visit Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona is synonymous with Barca which is famous for the Soccer team of Barcelona. There are a zillion fans of FCB across world and each one of them wants to visit Barcelona at least once in lifetime. Consecutively, Barcelona is also the 2nd most populous city of Spain, 6th in EU and largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. Over a period of time, the city has overcome its financial crisis and is booming with several restaurants and pubs in recent times. Here are some of the exclusive reasons for you to plan your trip soon!

Barcelona is a Transport Hub

Welcome on board to comfort, while travelling in Barcelona! There’s Port of Barcelona, International airplane terminal, broad motorway network, high-speed railway and luxury auto rental. While you are in the city, go for a walk around Marina at the old town, where you will spot many engaging yachts. If you are heading out to different urban cities in Europe, take the Euro star from Barcelona and enjoy the tourist detour. The airplane terminal is stacked with world class pleasantries and the city has a lot of transportation options. For example, you can choose from underground metros, transports and cable cars. Whichever course you pick, you will be astonished by the city’s amazing vitality.

The Superabundant Architecture of Barcelona

The architecture in Barcelona has evolved since the Catalan era. Barcelona has advanced over several cultures and civilisations and the incredible art influence is evident. The architectural styles have several local variants, however they all depict the splendid artistic era. In fact, Gaudí Architecture tops Barcelona’s chart for its unique and distinctive architectural styles. You will find yourself amidst the mosaic patterns, natural curved stones, sculls alike balconies, twisted iron sculptures and multicoloured tiles that decorate the walls.

These are said to be inspired from the colours of natural corals. Albeit, Gaudí adorned the use of colour! Nonetheless, Architects from across the world flock to visit much of Barcelona’s modern architecture as well. Please visit La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Palau De la Musica Catalana, Casa Amatller, Torre Agbar and Santa Maria Del Mar for an exquisite experience.

L’Aquarium in Barcelona allows you to take a Trip under the Sea

Whether you fancy clownfish, Seahorse or a tropical shark; a trip to Aquàrium de Barcelona will allow you to visit these stunning sea creatures. This aquarium is located in Port Vell harbour in Barcelona. There are 35 aquariums at this facility! The aquarium contains 11,000 animals, and an ocean tank for rays, sharks and other large fish. It is a lovely little series of fun aquariums and one big tank with sharks swimming around you in the tunnel. The souvenir shop is worth the visit however expensive as usual! For EUR 12 you can stroll through the undersea tunnel and the small aquariums. If you look at the sand closely, you will see some ‘sole’ fishes that can change colour for camouflage. As a matter of fact, when this flatfish is placed on a chessboard, it acquires its chequered pattern.

Mouth-watering Mediterranean Cuisine and Ever Booming Festivals

People from Espanyol take their food very seriously! Likewise, residents of Barca are constantly anxious about their meals, especially suppers. For the same reason, Spanish cuisine is both delicious and healthiest in the world. The most ancient ‘Mediterranean’ style of cooking is inspired by the Catalans. The food is characterised by the mountain herbs, locally bred animals and fresh Mediterranean seafood. La Boqueria offers delicious food on display, so do other Barcelona food markets. You cannot miss the original Spanish appetisers while you are in this city. Please taste Tapas, Paella (rice preparation), Allioli, Escalivada (salad) and Crema Catalana which is classic Spanish dessert. Moreover, most pubs in Barca offer free Tapas with a round of drinks!

Museums in Barca are loaded with Historic Facts

There are plenty of museums in Barcelona with 1000 years of Spanish and Catalan art history! Visit the famous Miró, dragon and the mask-facade of Casa Batlló, Pablo Picassos Museum with his youth artworks, Figurative contemporary art at La Pedrera, and museum of contemporary abstract art in the Raval district. You must also visit the museum in the famous FC Barcelona stadium if you are a soccer fan. 

Life in Barcelona is one long Fiesta

The city celebrates its own patron days enveloped in a festive carnival vibe. There are traditional street parties and plethora of rock and dance festivals. Sant Joan, is the biggest night of the year when thousands of firecrackers pay respect to the shortest night of the year. This is also the time when you will find Sangria, cerveza and calimocho in abundance. City’s patron saint day (Festes de la Merce) is one of Europe’s biggest street parties during early autumn.

Above all, Barcelona has pleasant weather throughout therefore you can visit whenever you like. Also this is the best city to indulge in some authentic Spanish Fashion. Shop at boutique stores, branded stores or with street vendors – they all offer exclusive style. The Unmatchable Colourful Streets of La Rambla will overjoy your heart and make you want to dance. Do share insider tips if you have already been to this leading smart city of Europe 🙂 adiós amigos

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