Our Exotic Ice Adventures From Stockholm’s Absolut Ice Bar

Nordic C Hotel

Stockholm’s Absolut Ice Bar is a helluva place to savor a night full of Icy adventures. This most-celebrated, Swedish bar, is located inside Nordic C Hotel near Stockholm’s central railway station. We landed here to unwind after, exploring some of the iconic landmarks of Stockholm. (For a much-needed drink) And, we were happy that the place turned out ‘exactly’ as reviewed online.

Absolut Ice Bar Lobby

Absolut Ice Bar Candle Stand

On our arrival, we passed by the grand hotel lobby to arrive at Absolut Ice Bar’s waiting lounge. Marked by the ‘Haughtiness’ of hallmark candle stands, and life-size stuffed reindeer, Ice Bar’s waiting lounge is only a glimpse of what the incredible icy interiors may look-like.

Absolut Ice Bar

Although, it’s best to book in advance to get anywhere close to the ice-crafted sculptures. Because with everyone wanting to hang out here, it’s almost impossible to get a last-minute admission. Besides, the freezing temperature only allows one to stay inside for no longer than sixty minutes. Nonetheless, featuring one-of-its-kind ice-art designed from the purest ice of Jukkasjärvi, Absolut Ice Bar, is where you ‘actually’ get to take a short tour of Lapland. 

Absolut Ice Bar Wall Art

On our first visit, we received a formal induction before we were allowed past the heavy metallic door that separates the ice bar from the not-so-icy arcade. During which, we learned that each year 6000 tonnes of ice, is harvested near Arctic Circle, which eventually travels to Stockholm to become the timeless art on the ice bar’s walls. Or, become the glasses, dishes, tables, chairs, and anything or everything you see inside the bar. Drinking out from the ice glasses and eating from glass plates is far too dreamy for someone traveling from Asia.

Absolut Ice Bar Mixologist

Initially, we thought our brains would freeze after entering a room set at 23 degrees Fahrenheit. But, on the contrary, it set our hearts on fire! Part of which, goes to the fact that Ice Bar is frequented, by Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgård. The celebrity quotient does add that extra sparkle, even though spotting one is not uncommon in Scandinavia. The Swedish vodka distiller Absolut, however, purchased the naming rights after Ice Bar was ‘prominently’ featured by the leading magazines of the world.

The first of its kind merger highlighting the best of both the Absolut, as well as, the chain of Ice Bars. To maintain the perfect cooling of -5° centigrade, only 30 people get to visit the Ice Bar at one time. That is because excessive body heat is likely to damage the ice blocks changing its shape and orientation. For an entry priced at SEK 205 (€20 or INR 1600), Absolut Ice Bar offers thermal waistcoat with a hoodie, rubber boots, and a complimentary drink on the house. Save your ice glass because a refill here will cost you cheaper than a new-drink.

Absolut Ice Bar Veidehi Gite

We drooled over the Absolut Berry Crush, served to us on the rocks! (like literally) Drinking from the Icy-cube glasses to smashing them against the barmaid plunks, revives the very essence of Lapland in Stockholm. Before paving our way out, we stopped by the souvenir shop near the exit, to browse the ‘wonderful’ collection of Reindeer skin, Sheepskin, T-shirts, Woollens, Caps, Mugs and more. You can’t visit the Ice Bar and not buy anything. Mostly because, souvenirs are a great way of keeping memories and in ours, we have mugs, t-shirts, and tonnes of love we gathered during our visit.

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